Twin Strip Roll Cast Steel: Part One

The twin strip roll process belongs to a new wave of near-net shape processes which allows thin strips of both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys directly from molten metal.

Silicon Carbide (SiC): Part One

Originally produced using a high temperature electro-chemical reaction of sand and carbon, silicon carbide is recognized as one of the most promising structural materials due to its excellent high temperature strength, good oxidation, and thermal shock resistance to name just a few advantages.

AlMg Alloys: Part One

AlMg alloys have a wide range of advantageous characteristics which means they can be used in many different applications, with many being in extreme temperatures or other aggressive environments.

Twin Roll Casting of Al Alloys: Part One

Aluminum twin roll casting is a relatively new processing technology which allows for liquid aluminum to be transformed into strip directly with the integration the casting and hot rolling production phases.

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