Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion

Hydrogen sulfide corrosion and its prevention is an important topic in a range of industrial processes and environments including oil and gas and its related activities.

The Tilting Rotary Process

With the major recycling objective being to recover the metallic aluminum content of scraps and residues with the highest possible yield combined with the lowest effort, the tilting rotary process gives some good advantages over the fixed axis single route.

Primary Al-Alloy Bulk Production by Retrofitting EMS on Furnace Wall: Part One

The production of bulk aluminum with increasing batch sizes was driven by an increasing demand and so attempts were made for example with A 356.2, to increase regular batch sizes from 5t to 60t.

Twin Strip Roll Casting: Part Two

Ultra Cast Strip (UCS) produced by the CASTRIP process is categorized by irregular shaped grain boundary ferrite, some Widmanstätten ferrite and fine intra-granular acicular ferrite.

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