Be the global leaders in providing the ultimate one-stop place for technical information, thus helping engineers, professionals and companies worldwide to improve efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.


Remain at position #1 by providing continually improving unique multi-dimensional, highly intuitive informational platforms for technical data and be the universal choice in resolving diversified present and future technological challenges.


  • Building trust and reducing uncertainty by providing data reliability and integrity to the highest possible level
  • Dedication to our customers with unparalleled support, localization and presence worldwide
  • Leadership through innovation with relentless investment into development of products and services


Peter Heusser

Peter Heusser, Co-Founder & Chairman, manages finances, legal activities, compliance and IPR, as well as strategic planning. Peter holds a degree and PhD in mechanical engineering.

Viktor Pocajt

Viktor Pocajt, Co-Founder, President & CEO, is in charge for development, strategic projects and partnerships. Viktor is a BSc in mechanical and chemical engineering, MBA and PhD in applied computing.

Neil Baumann

Neil Baumann, COO, manages operations, sales, customer relationships and support. Neil holds a degree in engineering, with a specialization in quality management systems and process improvement.

Ivan Pocajt

Ivan Pocajt, DAS SP CEO & Certification Manager, is in charge of certification services and its development. Ivan holds a degree in statistics engineering, with a long experience in certification sector.

Our People

Our team is made up of exceptional people that have complete focus on achieving our business objectives at every level and harnessing their collective talent is the key to our success. Based in our development center is our dedicated team of engineers which develop, maintain and support our products. Our network of global partners makes local specialized technical support possible and allows our customers to be able to get what they want from us, when they want it.